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Strength Moves

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Both strength and conditioning are components to exercise that are equally necessary to prevent injury, overuse, and enhance performance. Strength training helps build muscle so that it can handle the load in weight shift that the body demands to propel forward and maintain balance. Strength training also braces the tendons and joints to handle the stress caused by repetitive movements.

Strength is useless in any physical activity if the muscles in your body do not have the endurance. This is where conditioning is essential. It helps prepare you mentally and physically to overcome the feelings of fatigue.

This exercise program is performed in a circuit. Each exercise is performed one after another until all of the exercises have been completed. This is called one circuit. Allow yourself to rest for 30-45 seconds before completing the circuit for the second time. Repeat until you have performed the circuit 2-3 times, with a 60 second rest period between each circuit.

Strength work – Weeks 1-4

Strength Work – Weeks 5-9

Strength Work – Week 10-14

Strength Work – Week 15-18