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Emotional Health & Wellness


Kaiser Permanente Resources

Connecting you to resources within the Kaiser Permanente organization to allow you to thrive emotionally and physically. 



Need to unwind, breathe, stretch and reduce your stress? Check out all the great Kaiser Permanente resources for Employees and Physicians!

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Mental Health and Wellness

Your mind and body are connected. We help you take care of both. Find the latest news, self-care tips, and ways to end stigma and support others.

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Wellness Resources

Explore our broad range of self-care resources — including apps, audio activities, articles, and more — designed to help you thrive in mind, body, and spirit.

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Find Your Words – Building Resilience 

Resilience is the ability to stay strong and healthy after something negative, difficult, or challenging happens to you or your community. Bouncing back can reduce the negative long-term effects of suffering and protect against future stress. And anyone can be resilient.

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Rise & Thrive – Our Journey to Recovery

Supporting your mental health and wellbeing.

Support yourself and others as we continue to try to heal and recover, we all find ourselves in different places mentally and emotionally. During this time, please use this site to help support yourself and others.

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