Goal Setting to Jump Starting 2017

What are the things you are most proud of accomplishing in 2016? What are the things you want to accomplish in 2017? Make a list of goals you want to accomplish for this year and get started on the right foot and off to a great start! Follow the SMART Goals to ensure your goals are achievable.

  • Set a Behavior Goal – What behavior will I choose? How often? (example: Walk 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at lunchtime)
  • Monitor – How will I monitor my behavior gaol? (example: Make a mark on a wall calendar for each day I keep track)
  • Arrange My World – How will I change my surroundings to reach my behavior goal? (example: Keep walking shoes at work)
  • Recruit Support – Who will I ask to support me in reaching my behavior goal? (example: Have a conversation with support person on how I want to receive support)
  • Treat Myself – How will I reward myself every time I do my behavior? (example: Tell myself I did a great job every time I walk as planned; place gold star on calendar when I return from walk) 

Smart Skills Worksheet