Foam Rolling:

On an average week I teach up to 15 fitness classes (yes, seriously!).  Most of these classes involve squatting, lifting, moving, and extended durations of standing.  Throw in lifting dumbbells and resistance bands and you can imagine how sore my body feels after a week of exercise! 

Foam Rolling is a great way to help my body recover and alleviate soreness.  Our muscles develop tight areas called trigger points or muscle knots, which is caused by excessive muscle overuse, current/previous injury, and muscle stiffness.  

Foam rolling is a type of self-massage which opens up the trigger point and increases range of motion.  After I use my roller my body feels light and refreshed.  It is one of the best things I recommend to treat stiff and sore muscles.  

It is recommended to Foam Roll if you are active, have poor posture, or sit for long periods of time.  Below are 4 exercises I recommend to help with posture and mobility.  Roll for 30 seconds to 1 minute and take it easy!  These areas will be tight and you want to feel pressure but not intense pain.  Start slow and gradually add more intensity by leaning into the roller.  


  • Place the roller underneath your right thigh.  Sit up tall and gently roll the roller forward and back.  Perform for 30 to one minute and repeat on left side.  

Upper Back

  • Place the roller on your shoulder blades. Lift your hips up and gently roll forward and back.  Shift your weight to the right and left to feel pressure in your upper back.  Repeat for one minute.  


  • Sit on top of the roller and gently rock forward and back on the right side of your glute.  Shift to the right and left while on top of the roller to feel different levels of pressure.  Perform for 30 seconds to one minute and switch to left side.  

IT Band

  • Place the roller on the right side of your thigh and roll up and down.  Your IT can be a sensitive area so proceed lightly.  Start with the bottom half and progress to the top portion.   Perform for 30 seconds and repeat on the left side.