Optical Department Employees Rise and Thrive Together

The Optical Department at Point West rose to the challenge to take care of themselves and to stay motivated during COVID 19! Read their story below:

Who Are We and How It Started:

The Optical Department at Point West MOB is an amazing team; we are like a little family. We work together as an office to help patients with ordering new eyeglasses and contact lenses.  We participate in daily group huddles and games during which we communicate our concerns and any suggestions we have to better serve our members. Since reopening after the COVID19 pandemic shutdown, we have transitioned from a walk-in based facility to services by appointment only.  This was a big change not only for our staff but all our members as well. However, our team has made huge efforts to work together and keep good communication during that transition.  Everyone has been very flexible and great team players. 

What are we doing:

During the time our facility was closed for the COVID19 shutdown we participated in many huddles to work on team building exercises which gave us the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level and learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We played optical related trivia games to brush up on current eye glass brands we carry  and other services we offer. Sometimes it was more personal to each of our lives’, kind of like a guessing game. For example, guess who in this office is a professional wedding singer, or guess which staff member has been with Kaiser for 32 years etc. It was interesting learning new things about each other. These activities were great for morale.

In an effort to stay active, we also did physical challenges, like who can do the most squats or jumping jacks.  I can say it truly has been a wonderful opportunity to work with and get to know my colleagues on such a personal level and it has brought such a positive mood to our office.  

Submitted by Tiffany Linzsey

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