Point West Employees Rising and Thriving

The dedicated employees at Point West Medical Center have risen to the challenge of taking care of themselves and motivating each other! Read their story below.

“I like the energy and motivation from the group.  We encourage one another to keep going and always finish strong.”  Kia Yang

What we are doing

We have been doing group exercises from YouTube videos, during our lunch hour.  Each day we focus on different workouts.  An example of our week would be: Monday is glutes, abs and legs; Tuesday is arms, shoulders and back; Wednesday is full body (or outdoor running, depending on weather); Thursday is abs and legs and Friday is full body (or outdoor running).

“We alternate different exercise to promote our physical and mental wellbeing.”  Tierra Scott

How it started

We each had our own established agenda and were actively exercising on our own.  Due to the COVID-19, as a precaution and safety concern, our fitness center on the first floor was temporarily closed until further notice.  Without our fitness center, we started trying different activities to stay active.  A few of us ran/walked outside, while some walked up and down the stairs.  Between the heat and rain, we had to limit our outdoor lunch activities.  Since most of our patient appointments were by phone and video, we were seeing less patients in the facility.  Tierra Scott and Yvonne Hernandez started exploring areas within our facility and saw that we had some ample open areas, wide enough for us to do group workouts, while practicing social distancing.  We came together and started working out as a group.  We would like to give a big thank you to Tracy Sakasegawa for her technical support.  With the help of her projector, we are able see and follow along for successful workouts every time.

What inspired us

“I have been running for many years. Since I came back after maternity leave it was really hard to get back into a routine. The motivation and positive energy from the group has helped me to adopt a positive and healthy life style.”  Sharan Cheema

“What inspired me was I always loved to work out and like to encourage people to work out as well. I know sometimes it takes one person to get it started and that’s what I basically did. Motivation, dedication, inspiration, commitment. We all encourage each other to work out together as a team and for our goals.”  Tierra Scott

“I’ve been running for many years.  With the hot weather upon us, it can be difficult to run outside at lunch.  Tierra motivated me to join the inside exercises.  I wasn’t too excited but with her energy and positive attitude, I gave it a try.  I love it along with running.”  Yvonne Hernandez

“The ladies dedication and consistency.  The group was already started when I joined.  Leaving for lunch, I would pass the ladies working out, and they extended an invite to join them.”  Monica Ruiz/Reproductive Health

How this has impacted us

We have adapted our daily group workout into our lunch schedule.  We are excited and look forward to working out together, while motivating each other to continue working towards our individual exercise goals.  We also would like to give a shout out to Dr. Paul Reynolds for his encouragement and support to help us thrive during this challenging time.  Lastly, a special thank you to the live well be well team for the generous donation of the much needed and hard to find equipment.  We are able to continue to thrive.

“This has been a great impact for us all. We are growing together, improving our strength and motivating each other.”  Tierra Scott