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Emotional Health & Wellness

Feel more at peace with the challenges of everyday life. Try one or more of the activities designed to help you reach a better balance of body, mind, and spirit. Look for Emotional Health and Wellness offerings in your local area:

  • Classes by Topic Area – Pathways to Stress Reduction, Mind-Body Medicine, Understanding your Anxiety, Managing your Depression, Managing Anger, Couples Communication, and Quit Tobacco/Freedom from Tobacco.
  • Financial Management Sessions – Various financial seminars are provided locally each year. In addition, at some time in our lives, nearly everyone experiences the stress associated with the challenges of financial management. If you need support, contact your local EAP Coordinator.
  • Podcasts – Designed to engage your mind, body, and spirit and covering such topics as stress reduction, relaxation, healthful sleep, and anger and forgiveness.
  • Online Support Modules:
    • Coaching: Stress Less helps you learn new ways to manage stress and put “stress stoppers” into your daily routine.
    • Stress Management: HealthMedia®: Relax™ delivers an individually tailored plan for handling stress.
    • Sleep: HealthMedia®: Overcoming Insomnia™ helps you gain greater control over your insomnia and get more of the sleep you need.
    • Smoking Cessation: HealthMedia®: Breathe™ gives you the facts about why it’s hard to quit smoking and supports your motivation to give up the habit.
    • Depression: HealthMedia®: Overcoming Depression™: Depression is a real, common, and treatable illness. It’s not a character flaw or something that you should be ashamed to acknowledge.