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Welcome to Live Well Be Well for North Sacramento Valley

North Valley LeadershipAs a health-care organization, Kaiser Permanente works to not only improve the lives of our members, but also to improve the lives of our physicians and employees. Our comprehensive Employee Wellness Program (EWP) has motivated thousands of you to strive to reach optimal health and wellness. We are pleased so many of you have taken advantage of the opportunities, tools and resources to help you become full partners in managing your health.

Why provide EWP at the workplace? We know you are busy, and we want to make achieving a healthy lifestyle as easy and convenient as possible. As health-care professionals, you understand how important it is to keep our members healthy. We encourage you to make your health and wellness a priority in your lives as well.

For those of you who have already enrolled in the EWP, we support your efforts. If you have not begun the program, we hope you will give it a try soon. You deserve it.

In good health,
Your TPMG and KFH/P Leadership Teams