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Total Health Assessment – Take the online program HealthMedia® Succeed™ to get a complete assessment of how your everyday choices are affecting your current and future health. Click here to complete your assessment.


Get to “know your numbers” , including health indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol measures, through our Live Well Be Well emphasis on understanding your health status. Take proactive steps to promote your own health and prevent disease

  • Health Screenings – Do you know your current status for each of your recommended preventive health screenings? Visit your doctor’s home page at to see your current status and when you are due for your next screening. There you will find important information that your doctor wants you to know about each of these preventive measures and tests.
  • Telephonic Wellness Coaching – Are you ready to make a health change and want some help? Take advantage of this new personalized health coaching service by calling 1-866-251-4514 to schedule your first session. C lasses by Topic Area – At Kaiser Permanente, we offer a host of resources to help you effectively manage chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, back pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Contact your local Health Education Department to find out when a class is offered locally.
  • Podcasts Hosted by Kaiser Permanente physicians, dieticians, health educators, and other experts, these podcasts emphasize prevention and cover such topics as stress management, relief from allergy symptoms, and tension headaches.
  • Online Support Modules
    • Headaches – Every person is different and so is every headache. Discover the best way to manage and prevent your headaches with our Managing Your Headaches program.
    • Back Pain – Reduce your pain and strengthen your back with personalized daily recommendations and short video demonstrations in WebCare for Back Pain program.
    • Diabetes – Understand how to lead a healthier, more active life by taking HealthMedia® Care™ for Diabetes program.
    • Chronic Conditions – Learn to manage your existing chronic health condition in the most effective ways possible by taking the HEALTHMEDI A® CARE™ FOR YOUR HEALTH program.