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Scavenger Hunt


Website Scavenger Hunt

Want a fun way to find out what great resources, discounts, and events are offered in North Valley for Kaiser Permanente employees? Earn fun prizes by participating in our live well be well Scavenger Hunt and get familiar with the Live Well Be Well website, created just for YOU.


• Follow the clues, located below, and gather all the answers. 
• The last clue will take you to the answer submission link.
• 1 submission per employee, per scavenger hunt.
• Raffle drawing will take place at the end of each month—5 winners per month. (Raffle drawings are only for North Valley Employees and Physicians)



1.Go to the Homepage and find Classes and Events, what is the new class offering for World Dance Beat Series for April-June?  If your schedule allows, sign up for the class!

2.Go to the Homepage and go to NVLY Programs. Find Mindfulness & Wellness Classes – under the class options what is a class that would be beneficial for your department?

3. Go to the Homepage and go to NVLY Programs. Find LWBW/UBT Champions: 

a. How many engagement tiers are available to champions? 

b. What are the responsibilities of Tier 2?

4. From the Contact Us menu listing, find the link to submit your hard earned answers!

Find Your Program HEALTH FOR ALL