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Adebisi Orija’s Ready Set 5K Success Story

Adebisi’s Challenge To You!

Adebisi Orija, a Nurse Practitioner from Sacramento Hospital, recently shared her Spring 2019 RS5k experience. 

“I love that I work for an organization that wants everyone to be their healthiest and supports activities that help get you there. The coaches were great and so much fun. I was excited to complete the 10k at the end of the program. It forced me to stay consistent and I working on maintaining my gains.”

Sometimes exercise can be challenging and time consuming.  However, Adebisi sees this program as something beneficial to her health.  “The program was just walking and there was no pressure. We were encouraged to increase our intensity gradually and the coaches were so supportive.”

In addition, after 12-weeks she lost 7 pounds and gained a newfound appreciation for health and wellness.  She also recommends that all her peers should try the program.  It is very easy to incorporate exercise into your daily activities. 

This free onsite walking program is open to all employees who are looking to add in fitness in the workplace and train for their first 5k.  Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, everyone is encouraged to join this program. Ready to start your training program?  Registration NOW!!