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Workplace Ergonomics – Do you measure up?

Good Ergo Setup


  • Adjust seat height; thighs should be approximately parallel or slightly angled to floor. Knees should never be higher than hips.
  • Seat pan short enough (front & back) for knee clearance with 2-3 finger widths from seat to back of knee.
  • Adjust chair to support lower back. Place curvature of chair to the curvature of back.
  • Monitor height should be 1-1/12 inches from top of screen at eye level.
  • Monitor distance should be approximately 18” to 24” from operator, typically an arm distance away.
  • Elbows should be relaxed next to body at a 90°-103° angle.
  • Wrists should be straight, not angled up or down.
  • Keyboard should be flat at elbow level with a wrist rest to support wrists when resting from keyboard or   mouse.
  • Feet flat on floor; footrest is needed if feet are not supported by the floor.
  • Limit reach throughout the day by placing items within the “safe reach zone”.

For more information, visit the “Learning About Ergonomics” website from your KP networked computer.