6/22/22- Summer Time Fitness – Water Exercise

Summer is upon us! This month’s WOW’s will focus on brainstorming ideas to get out of the house and making the most of your summer! Keep in mind to follow sun safety tips and visit the CDC’s website for more information to adequately protect you and your loved ones.

This week’s WOW is to play in the water! We often have the tendency to think that exercise must be structured or can only be performed in a gym setting. However, you can still get a good workout by swimming, playing with water balloons, rafting down the river, or even performing water aerobic exercises.

There are plenty options if you don’t have a pool. You can try to search for a local water park, try the American River, Sacramento State Aquatic Center, or Folsom Lake. Just know you can still have fun and simultaneously burn calories!


Water exercise