2022 New Years Resolution

 Happy New Year, everyone!  With 2022 upon us, I know that I’ve started to reflect upon my life and think about areas where I can improve upon.  There are areas where I’m happy and content with how far I’ve come, but there are also certain aspects of my life that I want to grow. 

If 2021 was difficult and challenge, just know that a New Year brings a fresh start!  We can leave the past behind us and focus our attention on what we can do right now.  

Below are some tips on how to make the most of 2022 and keep those positive changes coming. 

  • Switch up your goals.  When we look at our list of things we want to change, we might feel overwhelmed at how much we need to accomplish.  Try setting smaller goals per month and divert your focus and attention to that goal.  Whether it’s sleeping more, adding exercise to your day, or reducing your sugar intake, focusing on one task as opposed to multiple goals will make your resolutions less daunting and more achievable. 
Woman resting after a run
  • Think positive.  Our brains are naturally wired to ruminate and dwell on things that we haven’t accomplished.  If we exercise four days a week and skip three days, most of us will beat ourselves up for the days that we lost focus.  Instead of beating ourselves up, shift your perspective and reframe your thoughts.  If we reframe this example, you are still exercising most days of the week and that was an improvement from when you first started.  That is a great accomplishment in itself!  Just know that what you think, you attract, so think positively about yourself and your resolution. 
  • Use smaller milestones.  If we compare our resolution to climbing Mount Everest, most of us want to reach the top of the mountain as quickly as possible.  However, the journey to reach a goal is going to naturally have ups and downs.  Some weeks you’ll make significant progress, and other weeks you will take a couple of steps back.  Think about reaching smaller milestones as opposed to reaching the mountain in record time.  For example, if your goal is to lose 40 pounds, think about breaking it down to smaller 5-pound increments.  This way, you can manage your expectations and reward yourself with a healthy treat every time you reach another smaller milestone. 
Woman doing yoga on bridge

Finally, if you are interested in improving your mind, body, and spirit, we are offering a virtual health and wellness program called New You, New 2022.  All employees and physicians are welcome to participate and there are prizes for KP North Valley employees!