9Round Kickbox Fitness

9Round’s mission statement is to “provide members with fun, trainer-guided, kickboxing-style workouts in a circuit format.  That means our workouts begin whenever you show up.  Because it’s all about YOU. Getting stronger. On YOUR time.”

Exclusively for Kaiser employees and their families, they will receive Unlimited workouts with a trainer, FREE gloves and wraps for $89 a month (Normally $134), and $25 enrollment fee (Normally $199). (entire month of March) Please show your Kaiser Permanente badge for proof of employment at time of sign up. 

***This is a Month to Month offer*** 

To register for your first free class, and a list of participating locations please see below:  

 Here’s what you can expect:

  • Show up at your convenience; there are no class times
  • You’re welcomed by a friendly, qualified trainer 
  • Trainer teaches you how to wrap your hands for support when punching 
  • Use heart rate training to stay in your target fat burning zone
  • Trainer shows you how to do each exercise based on your fitness level 
  • Every three minutes, you move to the next exercise station
  • After station nine, your 30-minute full-body workout is over
  • Access to 9Round Nutritional Guidance 
  • Enjoy a new workout every day (workouts change daily) 

What you’ll accomplish in 30 Minutes: 

  • Burn massive amounts of calories during your workout 
  • Burn calories for hours after your workout is complete 
  • Release toxins as you sweat 
  • Strengthen and tighten every muscle 
  • Boost your stamina and endurance 
  • Relieve stress
  • Strengthen your heart 
  • Release feel-good endorphins 
  • Increase energy, improve sleep, and much more