Neck & Shoulder Stretches

This month’s blog will cover more neck and shoulder stretches.  I’ve noticed that my upper back and neck are stiff and sore after working on my laptop.  Even looking down at my phone or reading a book on my lap causes my upper body to tense and become stiff.

The stretches below are meant to improve your mobility in the office or at home.  Taking small breaks can increase your range of motion while simultaneously reduce pain in your shoulders.

Chest Opener with Back Extension

Sit up tall in your chair and place your hands on your ears.  Take a deep breath and pull your elbows apart while simultaneously squeezing your shoulder blades together.  Then, lean back and look back while looking to the wall behind you.  Hold for 15 to 20 seconds.

Chest stretch into back extension

Smell Your Arms (Yes, really!)

Turn your head and pretend as if you are smelling your underarms.  Use your hand to gently pull against the side of your neck so you can deepen into the stretch.   Hold for 20 seconds on each side. 

Smell your underarms

Doorway Chest Stretch

Place your forearm against a doorway/wall and keep your elbow at 90 degrees.  Lean into the doorway/wall and twist your body so you are looking over your shoulder.  Hold this stretch for 20 seconds to open up your chest and upper back.

Wall Stretch