1/5/22-Goals for 2022

Happy New Year!! With 2022 in our horizon and 2021 past us, we are looking forward to improving your health and wellness so you can make this year a great one!

Today’s Workout of the Week is to get out a piece of paper and pencil and give yourself 5 minutes to brainstorm and jot down ideas on what you want to manifest for the New Year. It can be anything, big or small but writing them down will help you focus your attention on what you want to accomplish. Some ideas include practicing gratitude, adding more fitness, or improving your diet.

For more information on tips to set goals, please click on this link from MyKP (you will need to be on a KP network to access the link).

Finally, if you are interested in participating in New You, New 2022, please click here for more information. This 4-week virtual challenge is aimed at improving your overall wellness and there are incentives for participating!