11/24/21-Reframing and Planks

Gobble, gobble! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this month’s WOW’s will focus on giving thanks AND doing planks! How cool is that?

Your giving thanks will be to think about a situation that you struggled or are having problems with. Then, think about how you’ve grown and learned from this experience. For me, my college years were rough because I studied hard and worked my tail off to finish grad school and work full time simultaneously. Looking back, I do wish that I spent more time relaxing and enjoying my college years. However, I built up a successful work ethic that benefits me tremendously in all facets of my life. Although it was a hard journey to get to where I am now, I am incredibly thankful that I preserved and grew from this experience.

Your exercise for this week is to perform a plank with a push-up. Hold a plank for 5 seconds. Then, perform a push-up and lower yourself down to the ground. You can perform a plank/push-up on your knees if it’s too difficult. Perform both plank and push-up for 5 repetitions. You can perform the same movement while on your knees. Please see below for more info.

My hope is for all Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians to express gratitude, exercise, and thrive during the holidays! Take care!

Regular Plank 

reg plank

Push Up 

plank push up

Knee Plank

mod plank

Knee Push Up

knee plank push up