5/25/22 – Supercharge Your Workouts

May 7th is National Fitness Day!  This month’s WOW’s is to celebrate this day through participating in fitness and switching up your exercise routine.

This week’s workout is to find inspiration to supercharge your workouts.  When I feel tired, I think about my parents and how hard they worked to give me and my siblings a better future.  They came to America as immigrants with nothing and gave us food, shelter, and love.  I know that if my parents persevered and endured through hard times, I can get through anything, especially a challenging workout.

Your inspiration can come from anyone!  It can be a spiritual figure, a professional athlete, and even a workout buddy you look up to.  If you need some help finding someone, you can watch Rocky Balboa, Karate Kid, Cool Runnings, or Bend it like Beckham. These movies will help ignite the fire inside of you!