Self-Care For the Holidays:

One of the hardest things about the holidays is to find time to take care of yourself.  We are so busy with shopping, planning events and cooking that we lose sight of self-care.  It’s easy to put yourself in autopilot and forget that the driver also needs to stop and perform self-maintenance.  

Even with a busy schedule we can still find some time to become more mindful and make decisions to improve your health for the holidays.  Below are some tips you can adopt to thrive during the holiday season.  

Plan Your Week

  • Plan your week on Sunday.  When we are busy and don’t have time, exercise goes on the back burner.  When you view and look at your schedule before Monday, you can see where you can add in small chunks of fitness.  Adding a 5-minute walk before work or stretching before a call can boost your resilience.  Furthermore, you will feel less stressed, which will improve your mental outlook.  

Eat at home

  • Most of us will celebrate by dining with friends or eating take out.  When you cook at home you are monitoring what you add into your meal.  Many restaurants will add in extra oil, salt, fat, and other non-essential ingredients to your food.  Your plate should be colorful and have a variety of food groups.  

Water, Water, Water

  • Think about what you are drinking.  Eggnog, wine and other sugary drinks contain excess calories.  Consume these items in moderation.  As a reminder, water is the best hydration drink.  Although there are specific guidelines for different populations, the rule of thumb is to consume 8 glasses of water per day.  

Burst of Exercise

  • Something is better than nothing.  Most of us have an all or nothing mentality in which we are obligated to obtain 30-minutes of exercise or else it doesn’t count.  That is not necessarily true as research has shown that the body can demonstrate healthy responses to exercise in as little as 5-minutes.  If you are short on time, try performing an interval of Tabata, squat in place or just go for a walk.  Taking small steps will improve your fitness.

Wishing everyone a great holiday!  Please stay safe and take care of yourself.