2/2/22-Jumping Jacks

Hello everyone! February is American Heart Health month, and the goal for these WOW’s is to get your muscles moving and heart pumping! Cardiovascular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease while increasing your endurance and stamina. Remember, please consult a physician before starting an exercise program.

Today’s Workout of the Week is to perform jumping jacks! Start off with your feet shoulder with apart and reach your arms above your head as you jump and spread your feet apart. Bring your hands down and move your feet back together. Perform for 30 seconds.

An alternative of a jumping jack is to sidestep to the right while reaching your arms up, and then step back and reach your arms down. Then repeat on the left side.

Jumping Jacks - Starting Position

jumping jack 1

Jumping Jacks - Ending Position

jumping jack 2